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Every day we are making things while feeling the blessings of nature in Tango time flows slowly. It is seventh year to "workshop mon Yeah Tango", while I look at the field of manufacturing direct, brochure one hand means that you look forward to being able to talk with the audience, 24 studio textile, crafts and food were collected I think I around the studio to the dictates of the foot, and if you can feel the sensitivity brought up in a rich natural Tango. Please aims to blue goodwill of participation workshop of over-the-counter "Yeah mon studio Tango"
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Lord of the studio rich personality am looking forward your visit everyone
Hirose creative crafts Tatami workshop Yoshioka Dyeing workshop Shimazu
 Can you make the original lamp you just using the spool of weaving. Mother's Day, you can put a message in commemoration of the birthday Christmas, my friend, and how about the gift which is not available in the others,,
photo image of the workshop
 It has a new life proposal such as the development of original products to meet the needs of our customers in our company, we have the tatami friendly manufacturing natural, environmental and human. Can you also plant tour,,
 Vegetation of Tango to color the four seasons. You're having a day-to-day work of dyeing the theme that you use more familiar in life silk. I have the works making up supplies of kimono and obi kimono scarf, cloth, from interior,,
Leather Craft Sea Rem Maeda Someya Glass studio dream come
 Leather go deeper taste enough to wear. I sell in the store to make in a studio such as a wallet, belt key ring. Please contact it willingly because I also accept the order,,
 I am engaged in the dyeing shop meridian of 135 degrees east longitude passes, where the northernmost of Japan. Handkerchief T-shirt, shawl, and try some staining experience We feel it is good,,
 We are a creative activity on the theme of "nature, people and dreams" in the studio is just the natural spread, and permanent exhibition of the works, such as lighting, equipment, objects, accessories,,
Crepe History Museum Yamatou's textile Tango textile processing plant
 It is open to the public a well-established textile factory of Tango. May want to tour and experience the manufacturing process of silk products to dye from woven,
 Near Amanohashidate facing the Sea of ??Japan, in Miyazuwan, is located in the town Yosano our company. About 170 years, and we continue woven crepe fabric and from its foundation four years in Tempo (1833). It's to aim at better making of cloth, I think it is a strong mountain Fuji,,
 Collected in this processing plant all the cloth woven in Orimoto, after scouring (kneading), width adjustment and harsh inspection, will ship. It is a business that does not appear in the table, but is a process very important,,
遊絲舎 building fabric woven rattan MARUEI textile Orimoto Kanejyu
 Roots of clothing up to the Jomon period, there remained in the Tango region to one of the fabric of that time is "Fuji cloth". Studio to create works have entrusted their lives to "a thread of Fuji single" the romance of ancient,,
 Silk fabric that has been passed down through the ages to Tango. We Tian Yong KIGYO are brought up to protect important gentle feel supple, this wonderful Tango crepe,,
 It is a textile factory born after the war. I will introduce expressiveness Mont crepe, jacquard mechanism, a new textile manufacturing using the computer,,
Orimoto Tayu Kimoto textile
 Silk fabric that has been passed down through the ages to Tango. We Tian Yong KIGYO are brought up to protect important gentle feel supple, this wonderful Tango crepe,,
 Is there a wine cellar in the Tango Peninsula Takeno center. (Or No difference) is loved by people forever Wataru Sakae, the spirit of the brewery is committed to brewing face-to-face of the builder,,
Isono enlightenment Hall Township of headwaters・Fukuda farm Sora milk studio
 '30 Founded Meiji, store of good tea. Products which was particular about high quality material by Isono enlightenment window. In addition to the real tea, gelato that was taking advantage of the food material of Kyoto Tango region,,
 In order to do it painstakingly making rice, you are brought up over time and a lot of wisdom.It becomes the rice from the heart feelings of no pesticide, no chemical fertilizers
 In Jersey ranch in peaceful countryside, it is experience to make butter "real" by using a Jersey milk freshly squeezed morning. Ranch of helmet mountain,,
Handmade buckwheat Fujiwara Takeno chai Mukai chai
 You are served buckwheat which was particular about texture and origin. I want you back with satisfaction and excitement to people who ate, spirit of such a craftsman. Kataribe of buckwheat craftsman,,
 We conducted sake that was making the most of the natural water of ultra-soft water gushing from the basement of the warehouse. Rice to be used for the sake are all local Tango san, been making sake of genuine in the U.S., water, local people,,
 250 anniversary, it is local sake rice build cordially a woman master brewer. I will deliver the simple humanity and local sake ri Tango Peninsula, from rice town of Funaya,,
Living history of people and creatures and geological terrain various leading to the Sea of ??Japan from the current formation is present, against the background of them, San Geopark is a region that can be exposed to culture. You have a vast area across Kyoto (Kyotango) Hyogo Prefecture (Toyooka, Kami-cho, new spa town), Tottori Prefecture (Iwami, Tottori), Kyoto Prefecture around the Sanin coast national park about 110km east-west through the white rabbit coast of Tottori Prefecture from Kyogamisaki,
The most important feature of San coast Geopark is a geology and varied topography called "Museum of topography and geology". It is approximately 2 wherein, Numerous observations and a variety of coastal terrain, including sand dunes and RIAs formed strata and igneous rocks, by crustal movements and sea level changes in the Sea of ??Japan related to the Sea of ??Japan formation dating back 500 million years ago, a precious terrain and geological heritage You can be. It is said that Kyoto Tango, and a region that has a significant impact on the history of ancient, there are many such historic sites related to Tango ancient with a deep connection with Yamato Court, intense volcanic activity about 25 million years ago formation is the Sea of ??Japan by
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Business workshop mon Yeah Tango As a business of Kyoto textile and machinery metal Promotion Center, I went in the government led by FY2008, but the Executive Committee members become the main shaft from the 21 fiscal year, the Company has operations in workshop subject. As well as get to share the consciousness of each workshop, and we believe collaboration between studio and is very important, beginning in FY this the "studio Yeah mon" Is, we have been by the independent operation of the participants without the aid of Kyoto. In addition, we are led to the current direction, business content is left to the Executive Committee Upon its operations.
info It was launched in order to inform accurately with fresh content, the information of studio mon Yeah Tango home page you can see. There is little that the old page rises to search among the site like that if I have support is displayed when you search on the Internet, the studio mon Yeah Tango. Does not make sense be the new content even if I have been looking for a keyword. this site participating members are jointly operated by a former business outgoing studio mon Yeah Tango.
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